We take a comprehensive approach to women’s healthcare, treating the whole body. You can now tack on your yearly mammogram to your annual exam or any other appointment. This allows for convenience of one location, with results going directly to your provider.

3D Mammography

Screening Mammography

What to Expect

Now offering in-office mammograms! Please contact your provider’s office to schedule a mammogram at our Dublin – Bradenton Ave., Upper Arlington – Lane Ave. and Westerville – Executive Campus Dr. locations. For more information on this service, visit our News.

  • Before your first mammogram at our office, please complete and submit your Mammogram Records Release – Prior Images.
  • Starting in your 40s, women should begin getting a mammogram every year. Some women may need to begin at an earlier age or receive on a different frequency. Talk to your doctor to discuss your customized plan.
  • Our Board-Certified Radiologist will conduct your reading. This will involve placing each breast on the x-ray machine’s platform. A plate will then press down on each breast, one at a time, to conduct your reading.
  • We will review your mammogram results and discuss them with you directly.

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