Obstetric & Postpartum Services

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting and unpredictable times in a woman’s life. Whether a high-risk or routine pregnancy, we take the guesswork out to provide assurance and care that’s personalized just to you.

- Complex Obstetric Procedure

- High-Risk Pregnancy Healthcare

- Postpartum Care and Breastfeeding

- Preconception Counseling

- Pregnancy Ultrasound

- Prenatal Testing

- Routine Pregnancy

“We loved the care we received so much, we decided to return for our next baby.’’

– Tiffany B.

What to Expect

  • Whether this is your first or subsequent pregnancy, we’ll be with you each step of the way.
  • You’ll experience a variety of exams, tests and procedures during your pregnancy. Some may be routine, others optional and a few might be recommended if you’re experiencing complications.
  • As your pregnancy progresses, your follow-up appointments will allow us to gain more information on your baby, tailoring care to you and your baby’s specific needs.
  • We will make sure you and your support system are prepared for your due date, answering all of your questions and concerns leading up to the big day.
  • Care doesn’t stop after you give birth. We’ll be here throughout your postpartum to make sure you and your little one are healthy and recovering.
Childbirth Basics Video

Our Childbirth video teaches you everything to expect when you're expecting. From what to pack in your hospital bag to the stages of labor, electronic fetal monitoring, breastfeeding and much more. Talk to your provider for more information.

Infant Care Video

Our Infant Care video equips you with what you need to know as you begin your parenthood journey. Including baby supplies, taking care of Mom and Baby, when to call the pediatrician and much more. Talk to your provider for more information.

Breastfeeding Video

Our Breastfeeding video covers everything you need to start your breastfeeding journey, including breast anatomy, feeding positions, breast pumps, milk supply tips, and more. Talk to your provider for more information.

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