Childbirth Video : Childbirth: The Basics

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting and unpredictable times in a woman’s life. Learn everything to expect if you’re expecting in our Childbirth: The Basics online video. [...]

Childbirth Video

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Avina White Coats for Black Lives

June 11, 2020 - As the providers for women’s health in central Ohio, we have long recognized the myriad complex barriers to a healthy life that are faced by black women and other minorities. We don our white coats in support of recognizing racism as a public health crisis. Written by Dr. Christopher Copeland.

Now Offering In-Office Mammograms!

May 4, 2020 - You can now schedule a mammogram located at our Westerville and Dublin locations. Our commitment to sharing your journey for a healthy life extends beyond traditional obstetrics and gynecology.

Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Updated 1/29

March 12, 2020 - As further developments on COVID-19 become available, we will provide updates here to keep you informed and safe. Please continue to follow our website and social media for up-to-date information.

Two of Our Own on the Columbus Leadership Podcast!

November 18, 2019 - Listen to the podcast’s latest episodes featuring Dr. Costa and Dr. Melillo.